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"It looks good on you." Actually, it looked very short on her and it was somewhat disconcerting.

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She tied her black curls back in a tight pony tail and practiced looking annoyed and disgusted in the mirror to make sure Jeremy got the message even if her mother was determined not to. There was Jeremy, the creepy little bastard, smiling like he was the king of the world and wearing a weird wire contraption on his head. But somehow her mom seemed to think her dating a geeky high school senior was the greatest thing that could ever happen. She would eat dinner with them--it wasn't worth fighting her mother over something once her temper was up. "There's no way in hell I'm going to have dinner with that little creep! You'll dress for dinner and you'll be polite and pleasant or you can get out of this house and forget about my paying your tuition next semester! What could possibly possess her mother to think she would be interested in him? The sexy outfit, the silly, singing quality to her voice, all that about wanting dinner to be 'special'. Eleni resolved to pry details out of her after she got her laundry started. Finally, Eleni gave up and went to her room to do some reading.

Her dad had walked out on them when Eleni was ten and it was about time Arianna Kartsonis had someone that would treat her right! This time, howver, she punctuated it with a giggle. "It's --you'd better dress for dinner." Dress for dinner? I've been trying out some of your clothes this week.

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