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It’s a great achievement and I hope to celebrate it with a win.

“Diego is a good player and a good person and now he is only focused on Chelsea and playing for us.

This is all confidential, even though we will ask some personal questions, we will not tell anyone about your visit, unless we are worried about you and we will always tell you first if we are going to do this.

We will record a few bits of information which is stored until you are 16 and then we shred it.

You can also ask for free lube – all the lube we give out is water based so safe to use with condoms.

No appointment is needed, we can do a test with you when you come in, but we can’t give them to you to take away.

If you ask for a STI test, we can test you for chlamydia and gonorrhoea any day which we are open using the same test.So no, we will not call your parents, we won't tell your mates in the waiting room, or school, or your doctors... We very simply take a few confidential details from you and ask you which condoms you would like.You can have a mixed pack, or just the ones you prefer.We are not here to tell you off, only find ways in which you can protect yourself and your partner and stay safe. At Cornerhouse we think it is very important that you have a full range of condoms to choose from.

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We use LTC Healthcare (EXS) and Pasante condoms to cover our client’s needs. We offer: ‘regular’, ‘ribs and dots’, ‘air thin’, ‘flavours’ ‘trim’, ‘king size’ and ‘super king’, as well as a range of ‘fun’ condoms which will usually be regular size such as ‘glow in the dark’.

Although we completely understand why someone may be more comfortable speaking with one gender over another, please be assured that we will always try to make you feel comfortable and able to speak to us about anything whatever your gender and needs.