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And not only will you make the deal with Lisa, you’ll promote the company.’ And I knew that’s what Lisa would love, if she was put on a pedestal.” The newlyweds first met around November 1992, says Lisa Marie’s friend, lawyer John P. During the following weeks, Brett found herself the hapless man in the middle, caught between a balking and busy Michael, and an ambivalent yet driven Lisa.Brett made arrangements for Lisa to visit Michael in Japan while he was on the tour for Dangerous, and tried to facilitate other plans, some of which occurred while others dissipated.’ and Michael Jackson asked me the same thing, and I thought, ‘Boy, there must be something happening here.’ I told Lisa, ‘You can give me whatever you think is fair,’ and I told Michael the same.I thought up the idea and executed it, and I stayed on top of it.

I was trying to get Michael to…make a deal with Lisa at the top—the deal that the other recording companies were making with Madonna and Barbara Streisand. They have proven themselves.’ And I said, ‘No, make the same deal; a deal over a period of time…based on performance as the records sell. ” After dinner at my house, Lisa played tapes of some of her music, and Michael was blown away. If she wanted to be a star, she had to really want to live and breathe that.” Michael Jackson also advised Lisa similarly: If she wanted to pursue a singing career, she would have to dedicate herself to it.

Brett had worked up some figures and talked to Michael, who arranged for Brett to take Lisa to meet with Michael Greenberg, the head of Jackson’s company, Nation Records in Santa Monica. It became a matter of deals and money, money, money: I lost my fire for it. I was scared, I guess, so I pulled back.” She had no confidence in herself as a vocalist,” Said Brett Livingstone Stone.

Lisa brought Danny along with her attorney, John Coale. “She was afraid of being compared to Elvis, afraid of rejection. Let me see what I can do for you.” As she sat with him and listened to stories about his life in the business, she found herself falling under his spell.

And he was really tickled to see that she had a lot of potential, but he didn’t think too much more than ‘Wow, Brett is onto something here.’ ” There was, according to Brett, not even the slightest suggestion of anything romantic between Lisa and Michael at that meeting. “I had a voice,” she once told me, in retrospect, “but I didn’t have the experience.

“Her husband was here.” Michael carried on with his own career interests after that meeting, but Lisa, recalled Brett, “kept calling me after that. And she wanted to get together with Michael more.” Lisa met with Brett a few times to talk about it, remarking that she had “a few things in common with the Jacksons and maybe she should pursue a friendship with Michael.” Brett, still their intermediary, offered to represent Lisa in a business contract with Michael for a recording deal, even though he had an art partnership with Michael and had been his friend for years. Things always got too wild when people found out that Elvis’s daughter wanted to sing.“I was just trying to be a good friend for him,” said Brett.

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She is survived by her daughters Nancy Reynolds and her husband, “Red,” and Holly Martel and her husband, Tom; by her grandsons: John Morley III and his wife, Jodi, of Orleans, Scott Morley and his wife, Sheila, of Coventry, Randy Morley and his partner, Kim Boettcher, of Orleans, E. Rowell and his wife, Barbara, of Orleans, Seth Rowell of Orleans, and Mercy Cianciolo and her husband, David, of Coventry. Powers, 59, of Derby, died on May 6, 2017, in Lebanon, New Hampshire.… continue reading »

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