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02-Jul-2017 03:19

Female Less than 1 year younger: 18 per cent From 1-3 years younger: 18 per cent From 3-5 years younger: 19 per cent From 5-10 years younger: 22 per cent From 10-15 years younger: 15 per cent Over 15 years younger: 8 per cent If older, how much older were the women you chose to conduct an illicit encounter with?

Kate Beckinsale has found love with a man half her age.

'I would never be able to go on a dating site ever,' she told The Guardian's G2 last year.

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Bij abonnementen buiten ons verspreidingsgebied worden portokosten in rekening gebracht (behalve voor Groningen en Drenthe).

The website say the national cougar to cub ratio is 50/50, but in London there seems to be a surplus of cougars.