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Some guy you almost bought a shovel from on Craigslist? checking your buddy list to see if your crush signed in. Buddy lists You would spend hours perfecting your buddy lists! Having to look up what are now common Internet abbreviations. Your Gchat list is just people you know, but your AIM list was a hodgepodge of miscreants from the entire Internet. " 50yr old dude: "Thought you'd never ask!!!!! Here are some things you probably thought you could never live without: 1. Some real names from my friends list: barbiefiend69, goldenchild82, ez2bme94501, and Miss Sprink1es. Spent so much time harassing her, it was ridiculous. A language was born in chatrooms: omg, lol, brb and, my personal favourite, which has lost its popularity today — A/S/L (age/sex/location).

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We’d overanalyze every conversation the next day in school between math class and social studies.It wasn’t perfect by any means, but in a pre-Facebook world, it was free and undiscovered. The mating call of the barely post-pubescant teenager.I soon discovered that the internet was not just a place to cut and paste *NSYNC collages and illegally download Aaron Carter songs (something I was ashamed of even then).

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It was a place where you could congregate after school and chat with your friends about your other friends and about cute boys and rant about your parents and rave about whatever salacious soap opera you just watched. Chatrooms — from AOL’s Instant Messenger (which boasted thousands of rooms) to Yahoo!Messenger — were hotbeds of early social networking.